Hello, and welcome to my website!

My name is Debra Walkenshaw, I have been interested in writing since I was a teenager, and have tinkered with poetry & journaling. The older I got, the more defined my passion for writing became. Although it is not a side of me many have known, I had kept it buried for years until I could pinpoint the need to use my voice that may help others. I am currently working on that voice while writing my memoir, and hope to get that completed and published in the near future.

Groups & Memberships

I am a previous member of the High Sierra Writer’s group, the National Association Memoir Writer’s, and the Nebraska Writer’s Guild. The past few years I have participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and plan to do so again this year.

In November 2017, I was selected with several other writers to participate in a Beta program called “Book on Fire!”. Thank you Donna Barker, for sharing your knowledge & experience to help rekindle the passion needed to get our stories out there for the world to see. Through this program I had met other writers from all of the globe, and we stay in touch to this day. This group of fellow writers have become a wonderful support system!

Through various venues on Social Media, I have opened up a platform in which I am getting my story out in bits & pieces. I have been contacted by a few different people who have asked me to consider giving a presentation to talk to others about my story. Wow, I am honored, and excited! (Still breathing…) I have made contact and visited a local chapter of Toastmasters. I have spoken with them of my passion to help others with my story, and their encouragement is one of a kind. In December 2019, I joined Toastmasters, and I am working towards this goal. I am in the process of putting together my “Icebreaker Speech” which I intend to use with my Social Media outlets. Stay tuned for more on this chapter…

I have found from the groups listed above, that their support and resources are empowering and endless. Along my journey, I have met many wonderful people who share a similar passion for having a story to tell.


Domestic Shelters.org has graciously made available a way to allow others to display various resources on their websites. Included are statistics, books, articles, and access to finding shelters in your area. Please check out my “Domestic Violence” page for more information. I have included a variety of Resources that I am passionate about; keep checking back as I am always adding more to the list.

My Bookshelf

Thank you to Goodreads.com for the ability to share my reading library with others. I can share books that I am currently reading, wish to read, and those that I have already read. My writing genre tends towards memoir & non-fiction, and my reading library reflects this. I will do my best to keep this updated. Please check out “My Bookshelf” to see what I am reading.

Social Media

I am new to Twitter, so I have a lot to learn before I get started Tweeting. However, I would be honored if you would follow my Blog and/or Facebook page as my journey progresses.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you for your support, and I will keep you informed on my writing progress.